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Close to Homestead Florida there is a mysterious site that might of been build using other worldly methods, but probably not. Edward Leedskalnin, an immigrant from Latvia, built the structure in the 1920s yet that seems to be all we know about the building of this “castle.” A tourist attraction since it was first build its mysterious origins are part of its allure.


The Coral Castle: Masonic Mystery in the Sunshine State Some really great pictures of the site.

In Search of… with Lenard Nimoy – Coral Castle  Old show about the Coral Castle and Edward Leedskalnin – Youtube Video

Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know – Coral Castle Conspiracy theory program covering the Coral Castles and many of the more “out there” theories about its construction – Youtube Video

Coral Castle: Mystery Solved A guy who demonstrates techniques that could have been used to construct Coral Castle – Youtube Video

The Coral Castle Office Website Information about the Castle and how to purchase tickets for admission.

The Making of a Modern Myth:Edward Leedskalnin & The Coral Castle Interesting article about Coral Castle.






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