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Hidden away under a canopy of trees a sick hole on the grounds of Deering Estate transports us to the ancient past of Miami at the end of the last Ice Age. The Cutler Fossil Site was discovered in 1979, but kept a secret until 1985 when it began to be excavated. The site proved important an important tool for understanding the earliest people to populate the Miami area and the environment they lived in. This environment, as we explore in the podcast, was very different from today with deadly predators and giant mammoths roaming the prairies that would eventually become the everglades. Human remains and tools also offer a glimpse in the culture of the first inhabitants of the America’s.





Cutler-1 A shot of the excavation at the site.


G1 Examples of arrow head and spear tips recovered at the site


wooly_mammoth_model Rendering of a mammoth

Dire_wolf_and_sabre_tooth Rendering of a sabertooth tiger and a dire wolf

The music in the episode is Brazilian Rhythm by Sunsearcher.

Other music clips include

Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gees

Back to the Future by The Outatime Orchestra

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