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Our fourth episode shines some light into the dim history of one of Miami’s oldest burial grounds, Pinewood Cemetery. In this small oft-forgotten graveyard, many early settlers of South Miami and Coconut Grove are buried. Their crude and eroding tombstones, set amongst overgrown natural vegetation, recall life and death in what was perhaps little more than a frontier town. Many lack names to mark the frequently short lives they remember.

The cemetery itself has had an interesting and somewhat mysterious history, occasionally revered but often neglected as a city grew up around it. First used as a burial ground in the 1850s, it currently sits in a plush residential neighborhood, hidden to many passersby and even some neighbors: local residents have even been known to uncover human remains while digging new pools. Thanks to recent restoration efforts, this once forgotten graveyard is now a pleasant, albeit spooky, place to relive the memory of Miami’s earliest days.

The music in the episode is Brazilian Rhythm by Sunsearcher.

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